The following is a list of the Legal Forum's past volumes. 

Volume 2020: What’s the Harm? The Future of the First Amendment

Volume 2019: Law in the Era of #MeToo

Volume 2018: Law and Urban Institutions Ten Years after The Wire

Volume 2017: Law and the Disruptive Workplace

Volume 2016: Policing the Police

Volume 2015: Does Election Law Serve the Electorate?

Volume 2014: The Civil Rights Act at 50 Years

Volume 2013: Frontiers of Consumer Protection

Volume 2012: Combating Corruption

Volume 2011:  Governance and Power

Volume 2010:  Crime, Criminal Law, and the Recession

Volume 2009:  Civil Rights Law and the Low-Wage Worker

Volume 2008:  Law in a Networked World

Volume 2007:  Immigration Law and Policy

Volume 2006:  Law and Life: Definitions and Decisionmaking

Volume 2005:  Punishment and Crime

Volume 2004:  The Public and Private Faces of Family Law

Volume 2003:  Current Issues in Class Action Litigation

Volume 2002:  The Scope of Equal Protection

Volume 2001:  Frontiers of Jurisdiction

Volume 2000:  Antitrust in the Information Age

Volume 1999:  The Law of Sex Discrimination

Volume 1998:  The Right to a Fair Trial

Volume 1997:  Rethinking Environmental Protection for the 21st Century

Volume 1996:  The Law of Cyberspace

Volume 1995:  Voting Rights and Elections

Volume 1994:  Toward a Rational Drug Policy

Volume 1993:  A Free and Responsible Press

Volume 1992:  Europe and America in 1992 and Beyond: Common Problems...Common Solutions?

Volume 1991:  At the Schoolhouse Gate:  Education, Law and Democracy

Volume 1990:  The Role of the Jury in Civil Dispute Resolutions

Volume 1989:  Feminism in the Law:  Theory, Practice and Criticism 

Volume 1988:  Testing in the Workplace

Volume 1987:  Consent Decrees:  Practical Problems and Legal Dilemmas

Volume 1986:  Barriers to International Trade in Professional Services

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