Disrupted Laws in the Modern Workplace 
Diane P. Wood

Lessons from the Dramatists Guild for the Platform Economy
Matthew T. Bodie

Invisible Bosses for Invisible Workers, or Why the Sharing Economy is Actually Minimally Disruptive
Deepa Das Acevedo

The Impact of Emerging Information Technologies on the Employment Relationship: New Gigs for Labor and Employment Law
Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt

The Misconceived Modern Attack on Right to Work Laws
Richard A. Epstein

The Economic Consequences of Labor Market Regulations
Jesús Fernández-Villaverde

New Approaches to Enforcing Labor Standards: How Co-enforcement Partnerships between Government and Civil Society Are Showing the Way Forward
Janice Fine

Hollywood Writers and the Gig Economy
Catherine L. Fisk

Disrupting Work Law: Arbitration in the Gig Economy
Charlotte Garden

The Audacity of Protecting Racist Speech under the National Labor Relations Act
Michael Z. Green

Pooling and Unpooling in the Uber Economy
Daniel J. Hemel

ESOPs and the Limits of Fractionalized Ownership
Jedidiah J. Kroncke

Misclassification under the Fair Labor Standards Act: Court Rulings and Erosion of the Employment Relationships
Michael H. LeRoy

14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett:Oppression or Opportunity for U.S. Workers; Learning from Canada
Martin H. Malin and Jon M. Werner

Disrupting the Employee and Contractor Laws
Liya Palagashvili

Worker Centers and the Moral Economy: Disrupting through Brokerage, Prestige, and Moral Framing
César F. Rosado Marzán

Uber Retirement
Paul M. Secunda

Regulation Uber Alles: How Governments Hurt Workers and Consumers in the New New Economy
Ilya Shapiro and David McDonald

Crowd-Based Capitalism, Digital Automation, and the Future of Work
Arun Sundararajan

The Right to Work and the Right to Strike
Laura Weinrib

The Regulation of Discrimination by Individuals in the Market
Heather M. Whitney

Finding Quality Evidence of Union Survivability in the Absence of Agency Fees: Is the Current Population Survey’s Public Sector Unionism Data Sufficiently Reliable?
Patrick Wright


Head to Head: The NFL Concussion Scandal and an Argument for OSHA Regulation
Kirstie Brenson

Confidentiality Agreements in the Administrative State
Chinwe Chukwuogo

Mind the Gap: Why the FLSA Should Be Over Tacking Claims onto Overtime Compensation
Lauren Croft

Reconciling Mandatory Arbitration Clauses with California’s Private Attorneys General Act: Why Courts Should Preserve State Qui Tam Enforcement Actions
Andrew Hosea

Extending the Cat’s Paw Too Far into the Fire: Rejecting the Second Circuit’s Extension of the Cat’s Paw Theory of Liability to Co-worker Discriminatory and Retaliatory Animus
Devin Muntz

Taking on TRAP Laws: Protecting Abortion Rights through Property Rights
Hope Silberstein

Learning through Experience: Borrowing Lessons from Abroad to Understand the Legality of Unpaid Internships in America
William Soule

Learning on the Job: Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc.’s Primary Beneficiary Test and Its Implications for Harassment and Discrimination Protections for Unpaid Interns under Title IX
Irene Hickey Sullivan

Would California Survive the MOVE Act?: A Preemption Analysis of Employee Noncompetition Law
Phillip D. Thomas