Speak Now: Results of a One-Year Study of Women’s Experiences at the University of Chicago Law School
Mallika Balachandran, Roisin Duffy-Gideon, Hannah Gelbort

Institutional Responses to #MeToo Claims: #VaticanToo, #KavanaughToo, and the Stumbling Block of Scandal     
Mary Anne Case 

The Rules of #MeToo
Jessica A. Clarke

Beyond the Bad Apple—Transforming the American Workplace for Women after #MeToo
Claudia Flores

Witch Hunts: Free Speech, #MeToo, and the Fear of Women’s Words
Mary Anne Franks

Efficient Deterrence of Workplace Sexual Harassment
Joni Hersch

Schools as Training Grounds for Harassment
Ann C. McGinley

Sexual Harassment by Any Other Name
Brian Soucek and Vicki Schultz

#MeToo as a Revolutionary Cascade
Cass R. Sunstein

Unofficial Reporting in the #MeToo Era
Deborah Tuerkheimer

Sexual Harms without Misogyny
Deborah M. Weiss

#MeToo and Law Talk
Lesley Wexler

#MeToo as Catalyst: A Glimpse into 21st Century Activism
Jamillah Bowman Williams, Lisa Singh, and Naomi Mezey

Sexual Harassment Litigation with a Dose of Reality
Diane P. Wood


Consent behind Bars: Should It Be a Defense against Inmates’ Claims of Sexual Assault
Nika Arzoumanian

Challenging Abortion Informed Consent Regulations through the First Amendment: The Case for Protecting
Physicians’ Speech

Maia Dunlap

Breaking the Bank: Split Interpretations of the Bank Acts in the Era of #MeToo
Conor R. Harvey

Antidiscrimination Statutes and Women-Only Spaces in the #MeToo Era
Anna Porter

Revenge Porn and the First Amendment: Should Nonconsensual Distribution of Sexually Explicit Images Receive 
Constitutional Protection?

Evan Ribot

Patrolling Pregnant Immigrant Detainees’ Bodies
Alexa Rollins

Opening Closed Doors: How the Current Law Surrounding Nondisclosure Agreements Serves 
the Interests of Victims of Sexual Harassment, and the Best Avenues for Its Reform

D. Andrew Rondeau

“Whistle Blowers”: To What Extent Does Federal Law Impose Mandatory Reporting Obligations
on Collegiate Coaches for Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Julia Tabat