Keynote Address Policing in the 21st Century: The Importance of Public Security
Tracey L. Meares

Toward a Uniform Code of Police Justice
Monu Bedi

Terry's Original Sin
Jeffrey Fagan

Secret Policing
Barry Friedman

Youth/Police Encounters on Chicago’s South Side: Acknowledging the Realities
Craig B. Futterman, Chaclyn Hunt, Jamie Kalven

Litigating the Blue Wall of Silence: How to Challenge the Police Privilege to Delay Investigation
Aziz Z. Huq, Richard H. McAdams

The Right to Silence v. The Fifth Amendment
Tracey Maclin

Encountering Resistance: Contesting Policing and Procedural Justice
Eric J. Miller

An Insurance-Based Typology of Police Misconduct
John Rappaport

The Dynamics of Excessive Force
Daria Roithmayr

Who Can Police the Police?
Joanna C. Schwartz

Testing Racial Profiling: Empirical Assessment of Disparate Treatment by Police
Sonja B. Starr

Channeling Police Discretion: The Hidden Potential of Focused Deterrence
David Thacher

Police Discretion in the 21st Century Surveillance State
Tom Tyler

Governing the American Police: Wrestling with the Problems of Democracy
Samuel Walker

Does Hot Spots Policing Inevitably Lead to Unfair and Abusive Police Practices, or Can We Maximize Both Fairness and Effectiveness in the New Proactive Policing?
David Weisburd

How Many Killings by Police?
Franklin E. Zimring


Qualified Privilege from Defamation: Cracking the Absolute Corporate Shell in DOJ Investigations
Joseph Egozi

The Logic and Limits of Chapter 9: The Case of Police
Nathan E. Enfield

The Forgotten Residents: Defining the Fourth Amendment “House” to the Detriment of the Homeless
Lindsay J. Gus

Probable Cause Means Probable Cause: Why the Circuit Courts Should Uniformly Require Officers to Establish Probable Cause for Every Element of an Offense
Corbin Houston

Fourth Amendment Rights of Probationers: The Lack of Explicit Probation Conditions and Warrantless Searches
Taylor S. Rothman

Who Watches the Watchmen’s Tape? FOIA’s Categorical Exemptions and Police Body-Worn Cameras
Joseph Wenner

Policing the Police: The Status of Immigration Checks in the Context of Rodriguez v. United States
Vaishalee Yeldandi