Election Law

What's the Harm? The Future of the First Amendment
Preserving a Democratic Shield: First Amendment Challenges to Michigan's Independent Redistricting Commission
Michael Ortega
B.S., University of Miami, Class of 2018; J.D. candidate, University of Chicago Law School, Class of 2021.

Thank you to Gerry Hebert and Paul Smith for some preliminary musings on the subject, and to Nicholas Stephanopoulos and the Legal Forum for invaluable feedback throughout the writing process. This Comment is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, who was robbed of his native Cuba and his dreams of practicing law, and yet dedicated his life to securing the dreams of his family.

The First Amendment protects speech from the street corner to the ballot box. With a pervasive fear of governmental suppression and a commitment to strong public discourse, courts have forged the modern First Amendment into a democratic shield.