Submitting Articles

The University of Chicago Legal Forum is now accepting abstracts and drafts for our 2014 Symposium/2015 Volume.  Authors selected for publication within the volume must present their article at the University of Chicago Legal Forum Symposium held on November 7, 2014, at the law school.  Authors may submit abstracts or article drafts related to the symposium topic to

Submitting Comments

To become a member of the University of Chicago Legal Forum through the journal’s Topic Access Program, a student must work toward, and ultimately write, a publishable Comment related to the journal’s topic.

Successful applicants to the journal’s Topic Access Program will prepare a Topic Analysis, Prospectus, and Comment on a schedule similar to that of other Legal Forum staff members.  To continue in the Topic Access Program, students must have their Topic Analysis accepted by the journal by October 15, 2014; Prospectus accepted by early November 2014; and Comment accepted by the due date set for other Legal Forum staff members, sometime in January of 2015.

The Topic Access Program is the only way in which a student not offered membership in Legal Forum through the 1L writing competition can become a member of and be published in Legal Forum. Successful applicants to the Topic Access Program will have all the privileges and responsibilities of other Legal Forum staff members, including the opportunity to become editors on the journal’s managing board if accepted during 2L year, and the responsibility to complete cite checks in the winter and spring quarters.

Instructions for creating an acceptable Topic Analysis, Prospectus, and Comment, including Maroonbooking materials, will be provided to each applicant upon request. Each applicant to the Topic Access Program will be assigned an editor to help the applicant through the Program, offering substantive and technical advice to the applicant at each step in the process.

If you have any questions about the Topic Access Program, please contact our Topic Access/Comment Editor:  Gillian Seaman at