About the Legal Forum

First published in 1985, the University of Chicago Legal Forum is the Law School’s second-oldest journal. The Legal Forum is a student-edited journal that focuses on a single cutting-edge legal issue every year, presenting an authoritative and timely approach to a particular topic.

Each fall, the Legal Forum hosts a symposium, with the participants then contributing articles for the volume. The October 2011 Symposium focused on “Combating Corruption” and will subsequently be published as Volume 2012. Topics in recent years have included “Governance and Power,” ”Crime Criminal Law and the Recession,” ”Civil Rights Law and the Low-Wage Worker,” ”Law in a Networked World,” ”Immigration Law and Policy,” “Life and the Law,” “Punishment and Crime,” “Cutting-Edge Issues in Class Action Litigation,” “The Scope of Equal Protection,” “Frontiers of Jurisdiction,” “Antitrust in the Information Age,” “A Free and Responsible Press,” “Voting Rights and Elections,” and “The Law of Cyberspace.”

Since our founding, several eminent members of academia, the judiciary, and the bar have participated in the Legal Forum symposia. Prior participants and published authors include, among others, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Judge Richard Posner, Judge Frank Easterbrook, Judge Diane Wood, Judge Abner Mikva, Judge Patricia Wald, Judge Danny Boggs, Dean Lee Bollinger, Professor Randall Kennedy, Professor Cass Sunstein, Professor Lani Guinier, Professor Richard Epstein, and Professor Akhil Reed Amar.